Kila Kitu: A Guide To Writing For This Website

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Hello and welcome to Kila Kitu! This website is aimed at providing you with interesting and informative articles on all the topics you love!

As the first post of this website, here is a brief overview on how getting featured on this site works:

1. You have something you want to tell everyone.

2. You come up with a good title for it.

3. You write your article. (It has to be at least 300 words)

4. Once you have written, reviewed and edited your article, send it to for consideration.

5. You will be contacted within 24hrs to be informed on the status of your article submission.

6. If your piece is approved, we will email you the live link to the article. We encourage you to share it to your friends and to comment on posts that resonated with you.

7. Rinse and repeat! There is no limit to the number of articles you can submit!

We aren’t very strict on what you can write about. However, we reserve the right to reject poor, adult, copied or hateful content and so on.

Pieces that promote businesses, products, services, brands or any other commercial entities should be submitted through

This post is updated regularly. Check in from time to time.

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