The Best Places To Eat At In Nairobi: 4 Places Two People Can Eat At For Less Than Ksh 2,500

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I know the lockdown has everyone pretty bummed out. After the positive feedback we got from our previous list of places you can eat at for less than Ksh. 5000, here we are again with our list of the best places to eat at in Nairobi for Ksh. 2,500.

Now, I know we are still under lockdown for now but who knows- maybe we’ll all get to go to our favourite restaurants soon.
Until then here are a few places you might want to add to your to-eat-at list!

1. Nagala’s- Two Rivers Mall

Our first entry on this list is Nagala’s, which is a Swahili restaurant. Now, I know most of you instantly thought of pilau but trust me when I say they have a much much wider range of common, Swahili, and Indian dishes.

If you enjoy spicy food, this is definitely the place for you. If you don’t enjoy spicy food, they have other options like chicken salad, beef, pork, and so on.

Nagala’s is pretty chill and that gives them room to actually interact with their clients. I’ve had experiences where the waitress let me try different dishes before I actually made an order. You most probably won’t get the same offer but that goes to show you how well they treat returning clients.


Their biriani goes for around Ksh. 800, meat stew dishes (fish, beef, pork, and chicken) go for around Ksh 800 while their chicken salad goes for around Ksh. 600.

All in all, Nagala’s is pretty affordable.

2. Sabor a Mexico- Two Rivers Mall

Tacos. That’s the only thing that keeps on taking me back to Sabor. I know they have a variety of stuff on their menu but if you’re a foodie like me, you already know that we guys have favourite places for specific things.

Sabor’s customer service is something that really impressed me. Back when I was still new at their restaurant, I and my friend hit it off with this really nice waiter dude. He always made sure that we got the best from their free drinks and free ice cream offers. Sabor, you ready should rehire that gentleman.

Anyway, Sabor has really nice offers on group meals such a whole chicken and friends. Also, don’t forget about Taco Tuesday- get double the tacos you order all day long!


Honestly, all I’ve had from this place are tacos. Their prices range from 250 to 300 per taco. Make sure to try the beef and avocado taco. The guacamole is just too awesome.

3. Village Market Food Court- Limuru Road

Where do I even start? Anyone who has been to ViMa’s food court knows of the wide variety of food stalls they have.

From Italian to Chinese, ViMa has everything you need. Personally, I’ve tried the Italian, Indian, Chinese and Greek stalls. ViMa’s food court has a chilled vibe where you can sit anywhere, order from anyone, and wait for them all to get your food to you.

I especially loved the milkshake, coffee, and chocolate stands but that’s a story for another day.

You should definitely try ViMa’s food court. It’s an experience you won’t forget.


Since I ate at different places, I’ll only tell you about the prices that I do remember. During my first visit to the Italian stand, they charged me Ksh. 750 for a bowl of pasta. During my second visit to the same place, they charged me Ksh 1,250.

As for the Chinese stand, a plate of kung pao chicken cost around Ksh. 800.

The Greek stand, or Santorini’s as it is called, is definitely a place that you wouldn’t want your diabetic friend to find out about. They have awesome sugary treats that will leave you yearning for more. Their sweets range from Ksh. 120 while their meat wraps go for Ksh. 750.

4. Joe’s Atlanta Wings- Ngong Road

I was introduced to this place by a friend. He said that their wings were the best he had ever tasted. Later that day when I was talking to another friend of mine, she also said that Joe’s had the best wings they had ever tasted.

At that point, I knew I just had to try their wings.

Their website- awesome. Their social media- awesome.

The actual place… err…

Well, it’s not bad but it leaves a lot to be desired. The parking is virtually non-existent and I always had to leave my car at the nearby Marsabit Plaza. Always- which means I went back to Joe’s several times.

I won’t lie, their chicken is amazing. Joe’s, if you’re reading this, hit me up guys. We could work something out. How does being the local version of KFC sound? You guys have a solid reputation.


When it comes to their menu, you can actually find it on their website. As I said, I am very impressed with whoever is running Joe’s marketing. They are one of the few places that actually have a menu online.

You can find their full menu online at

And There You Have It!

That’s the list of the best places you can eat at in Nairobi for less than Ksh. 2,500. Judging from the feedback we got last time, we might do an article on the best places you can eat at for less than Ksh. 1,000.

Although I love fried chicken and pizza, I’ll stick to the amazing food they have at Shoprite (why isn’t the Karen branch open?) and Carrefour.

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