How To Start Affiliate Marketing: The Blueprint for Bloggers in 2020

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Wake up at an ungodly hour. Drive to the office through the crazy Kenyan traffic, going to the office just to earn a few coins a month.

Sounds terrible, right?

What if, rather than dealing with the monotony and struggle to earn a few coins, you could make money anytime, anywhere — even in your sleep?

That’s the notion behind affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn income from online sources. It offers a varied, stimulating career full of personal satisfaction. Knowing that you’re independent and that your future is in your own hands.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process through which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. The affiliate simply finds the product they enjoy, promotes the product and commissions from the sales.


How Affiliate Marketing Works

As an affiliate, you are paid for performance. Here are the different types of performance-based models common to affiliate marketing.

  1. Pay per click or  PPC– this is where an affiliate gets paid for all the valid clicks generated regardless if it’s made from sales or leads
  2. Pay per lead or PPL– this is where affiliates are paid fixed commissions for every qualified action generated. This can be installation, free trial, online form submission, etc.
  3. Pay per sales or PPS– this is whereby affiliates get paid for all sales generated. This is the percentage agreed upon by the company and an affiliate.

Let’s now take a look at the kind of relationship involved in affiliate marketing: the complex relationship is in three parties. Without these three parties, affiliate marketing will never be a success.

  1. Seller and product creators.

The seller, either a solo entrepreneur or an enterprise, is a vendor, merchant, product creator, or retailer with a product to market. The product can be either a service or a physical product.

Also known as the brand, the seller does not need to be actively involved in marketing.

  1. The affiliate or publisher.

They can either be an individual or company actively involved in marketing products for the product creators to attract potential buyers or consumers. Affiliates usually have a very specific audience depending on the niche they run thereby having consumers to specific products, to whom they market. This creates a defined sales funnel that helps attract product consumers.

  1. The consumer.

Without consumers, affiliate marketing is a no go zone. These are the ones that keep the affiliate marketing in motion. Affiliates share these products with them on social media or websites.

When they buy the product, the seller and the affiliate share the profits.

Why Affiliate Marketing?

Below are reasons to motivate you to become an affiliate marketer.

  1. Passive income

The one thing about affiliate marketing that beats other sources of income is that it offers you an opportunity to make money even when you sleep, unlike a regular job where you have to put a lot of effort to earn a decent income at the end of the month. All you need to invest in a small portion of your time to build a campaign and wallah!! You receive continuous returns as consumers continue to buy.these are where your skills put in creating a campaign speaks for you as you’ll continue earning weeks after creating the review or campaign creating a steady flow of income.

  1. No customer support

Thanks to the affiliate marketing structure, you’ll never have to be concerned with customer satisfaction. This is left to the creator individuals your only job as an affiliate marketer is to act as a bridge to link the producers and the consumers.

  1. Work from home

For someone that hates the hassle of waking up every day to run to the office, affiliate marketing is the perfect solution for them. You’ll hardly have to leave the comfort of your bed to work. All you need is to build campaigns and wait for the magic to happen. What more can you ask for than to earn income from the comfort of your home? For more ideas on working online, check out Brian’s article on how to make money in Kenya.

  1. Cost-effective

With affiliate marketing, you don’t need to stress out on how to acquire startup fees nor cash flow to finance the business. You can get started without spending a coin. All you need is to sign up for the affiliate programs and it will guarantee you a hassle-free source of income.

  1. Convenient and flexible

I know that most of us love being independent when setting goals. With affiliate programs, you have the opportunity to choose products that best suits you. This way you can choose to either diversify or focus on one campaign that best suits you.

  1. Performance-Based rewards

Compared to other types of jobs that you could work for over 50-hour weeks and still earn peanuts, affiliate marketing is solely based on performance. The effort you put in is what will guarantee the outcome. Focusing to up your game when it comes to writing reviews and creating campaigns that will keep your consumers engaged will give you an outstanding outcome.

Tips to Help You Become a Successful Affiliate Marketer

  1. Develop a rapport

When beginning your affiliate marketing career, you’ll want to build an audience that has very specific interests. This way, you’ll be able to increase the chances to convert the traffic to sales. Focus on building your expertise in a single area rather than promoting multiple products. This way you’ll create a channel and get people most likely to purchase the product.

  1. Sell benefits and not features

I’m not eliminating the importance of mentioning the features of a product rather I’m saying that using the features to point out the benefits of the product will help increase your sales faster. This is because benefits will make the buyer know why they need the product.

Let’s give an example of a treadmill. How can you convince your audience to buy a treadmill when they can go running outdoors? This is where the benefits come in handy and not the features. Like elimination of the possibilities of bad weather.

  1. Avoid promoting similar products

This is a common mistake that most beginners do make. This is the same mistake I made when I ventured into affiliate marketing. This will guarantee the death of your career before it even starts as rather than convincing your audience to purchase the product, you’ll be confusing them on exactly what to go for.

Learn to promote one product per category. It should be a product that you’ve tried and know that it’ll guarantee benefits for consumers.

  1. Research your market

Having traffic to your site and attracting the proper audience are two different cases. The reason why most people fail when it comes to affiliate marketing is that they are more focused on driving traffic to their site and not the right audience. You need to have the right people visiting your site to be able to generate sales. SEO is the best way to drive in the proper audience. The moment you start receiving traffic from quality sources, you’ll be able to convert them to sales.

  1. Choose campaigns with care

No matter how good your marketing skills are, you should be extremely picky when it comes to choosing campaigns, you are guaranteed to make peanuts on a bad product than you will on a valuable one. Take the time to study the demand for a product before promoting it. This way you’ll be able to promote products fit for huge sales.

  1. Stay current with trends

With the serious competition in the affiliate marketing sphere, you’ll want to make sure you stay on top of any new trends to ensure you remain competitive. Always make sure to renovate your ideas with the ongoing trends.

  1. Give your audience product bonuses

This has assured the success of most successful affiliate marketers. Providing bonuses to high quality and relevant affiliate products will attract more buyers as compared to selling the products directly.

Affiliate Marketing Strategies Should You Employ

  1. Learn to recommend products you are familiar with

The biggest secret to the success of many who have made it in affiliate marketing is that they are extremely picky when it comes to products. Don’t promote a product because of the commission that they have to offer. Of what importance will the huge commission be if you are unable to make sales? Promote products that you have tried and have a wide knowledge of it. Building trust with your consumers is key in this field, and the quickest way to lose your audience’s trust is to recommend products that either you haven’t used before or aren’t a good fit for your audience.

  1. Promote different products from many different merchants

The one mistake that newbies make when they venture into affiliate marketing is promoting similar products. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. If you only focus on promoting products from a single creator, you are stuck with their commissions. It is important to work with many different merchants in your niche and promote a wide range of products to increase your general income.

  1. Focus on showing how to use the products

It’s important for your audience to learn how to use the products you are recommending. This will help in increasing your sales. Randomly promoting your products will guarantee the failure of your affiliate marketing career before it even begins. Showing your audience how to use the products will help you build genuine reviews and also provide an easier way of providing a comparison.

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